Granite has a selection of the most fascinating colours

The timeless beauty and practical characteristics of a solid granite worktop will add an individual touch of quality and style to every kitchen. It's distinctive and beautiful mirror like finish will also provide a durable and exceptionally heatproof surface - with the ability even to withstand a hot frying pan - a quality unrivalled by wood, veneers or man-made products. These are the main colours of granite. Each colour has many different variations.

Subtle Shades Of White

White GraniteWhite granite comes in vast array of shades and is wildly popular in modern decor. It gives any surface a refined, simple, and elegant look while remaining versatile and resilient. Contrary to some beliefs, the chemical composition and striations of granite make impossible to have "pure" white.

Most people believe, however, that the beauty is displayed in the subtle variations or the striking contrasts. There are a huge variety of shades for white granite. These shades depend on the country of origin. Other popular trends in white granite lean toward ivory. Find the white that suits you best.

Variations of Beige

Beige GraniteBeige granite is one of the most popular shades of granite, along with brown, yellow and green. The term beige was originally coined as a fabric left its natural colour. The name indicates, beige granite provides the unique ability to decorate in a neutral colour palette without sacrificing style or class.

This offers flexibility when it comes to decorating and redecorating and lends an "old-world" style to a kitchen or bath, particularly when paired with a darker cabinet. Beige granite incorporates shades of dark brown, light brown and white sprinkled throughout the texture.

Sunny Warm Yellow

Yellow GraniteAnother frequently used colour is yellow granite. Yellow granite will brighten many rooms with a sunny, warm appeal year-round. Like the most granites, it can be found in both a fine and coarse grain. A wide variety of secondary colours create differing hues of yellow granite.

These range from golden to light brown to green. Yellow can be a very versatile colour. Overall, yellow granite countertops will warm up any kitchen or bath and will remain adaptable for decorating.

Spicy Warm Gold

Gold GraniteGold granite will bring the spice and warmth your new kitchen or bath is looking for. Its extreme popularity is attributed to its warm, conservative attributes which makes it combine well with almost any environment. Gold and copper granite will usually have various secondary colours.

White, black, and gray making them easy to pair with a variety materials used in cabinets and fixtures. Countertops of gold or copper granite will create a sense of luxury and richness in your home.

Variable Green

Green GraniteLooking to make a statement in your kitchen or bath? Green granite is the way to go. This green granite has arguably the most variables when it comes to secondary colours, offering a little something for everyone! While most of the other colours have only minor differences, green has a wide variety of different supporting colours.

Some weave together with iridescent blues, greens and blacks making it a bold and brilliant addition to your decor. It is even possible to find greens with fleck of gold and copper or black striping. A difference in secondary colours makes it ideal to all who want variety and spontaneity in decoration.

Beautiful Blue

Blue GraniteBlue granite countertops are increasingly becoming a stylish choice for designers today. Blue granites are prized primarily for the beauty in their patterns. These textures or patterns come from the minerals of the stone. These patterns fall into two different categories. Each one amazing .

They can be veined, meaning minerals create a different colour from the base colour and form veins or swirls in the stone. Homogeneous, meaning the varying minerals are distributed evenly for a uniform pattern or structure. Typically they have a blue and black base, but secondary colours range from whites, greys, browns and other shades of blue.

Striking Romantic Red

Red GraniteRed granites are a favourite in Asian decor. They provide a rich striking and romantic appearance. Red granite alone has some of the richest history, in being found in ancient Egyptian pyramids used in both structural and decorative fashions. True reds are unusual.

The combination of all colours that lend them the red scheme.These include lavenders, yellows, whites and browns and the rarest Rose granites.

Luxurious Burgundy

Burgundy GraniteBurgundy granite falls between the red and brown categories. It has the visual impact of red granite and the versatility of brown granite. Secondary colours for burgundy granite run from red to brown, gray to black. Occasionally white and pink will make an appearance.

Incorporating various reds, browns and rose colours, it gives your room a luxurious exotic aura. It is an excellent choice for kitchen countertops.

Traditional Brown

Brown GraniteBrown and beige granites are two of the most popular colours of granite countertops. Brown granite is widely available, offering many choices for quarry of origin and make-up of stone.Similar to beige, brown granite creates a traditional style and ambiance in a kitchen or bath.

Some brown granite can be extremely dense, hard stones. This enables it to resist weather, wear, freeze and thaw and high heat.These attributes make is ideal for projects such as outdoor barbeques.

Ambient Grey

Grey GraniteGrey granites have the unique ability to offer an understated, yet very strong ambiance to any setting. With chameleon like qualities!

Grey granite can be the highlight of a simplistic setting or is can play a supporting role.

There are many colour variations in grey granite with pinks, blacks and blues,light to dark. Gray granite goes well with most light woods and whitecabinetry. The grey granite also accentuates glass features.

Modern Black

Black GraniteLooking for something more modern? Black granite countertops create a beautiful modern environment when matched with lighter cabinetry and clean lines. Black granite is becoming an increasingly popular choice. With secondary colours of white, gray, blue, green and others.

Granite Is Affordable!

Changes in Stone Technology. Granite Affordable to all

Until recently, solid granite was one of the most expensive and exclusive worktop options on the market.

However, recent improvements in stone-technology have now made it far more affordable and realistic alternative to the common man made products.

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